Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sam Biddle in the Media

Sam Biddle in the Media

My name is Devon Biddle, I sometimes write for Sam's blog and I thought it was about time we let you in on all of the press Sam and her products have been getting in the past year. As Sam is doing a lot of travel and away from her desk more often I have the pleasure to write more on the blog for you and include her articles as we love to keep everyone up to date on what's going on in the nail world.
Popular products (such as the sugar stylers and velveteen) have been getting a lot of talk in magazines like More! and Company magazine. Trade magazines like Scratch and Beauty Salon News have included articles written by Sam Biddle on her journeys as an international educator and her views on the latest nail trends. 
The articles included are a selection of the magazines Sam has been mentioned in or ones she has written for.

Velveteen in More! magazine.

Step by Step in Gloss for toe nail art.
Article in Scratch about a photo shoot with Because magazine

This article in Take it Easy magazine was celebrating Britain and included a step by step of a British flag nail art design. The flag was made using the sugar styler.
Article in Scratch about Sam and educating 
Article in Beauty Salon News about nail trends
Nail art pen in The Salon Magazine
Step by Step in Love It! magazine. The design was 'Going Dotty'
This step by step in Hair magazine was a silver bow which came out around Christmas

This is an article written by Sam in More! magazine where she is revealing her tips on nail art.

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