Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Xmas Nail Art

 Fast and furious…that is what this festive season is like in salons all over the country. 
This step by step is your perfect solution, to give your clients something totally unique this Christmas.

  1. Gel polish your clients nails, in the colour of her choice. Top coat and wipe off inhibition layer.
  2. Buff the nails, so you remove all the shine….reassuring your client that she will end up with beautiful nails in the end. 
  3. With your top coat (must have an inhibition layer) apply creating circles randomly over the nail. Just 2 - 3 per nails. don’t over do it and Cure.
  4. Using Be Creatives Chameleon pigment (the blue looks amazing also) I have used lilac lounge lizard in this step……pat into the sticky layer of the top coat. 
  5. The nail  art pen is an amazing tool for nail art, but it is also fabulous for scratching through your pigment, remove the pigment in various patterns over the baubles.
  6. Now use your nail art pen to create a thin line of gold (or white) to hang your these baubles from your tree. 
  7. Last step - top coat to seal. 
check out the chameleon pigment for some more great special Fx on nails. 

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