Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Oh Christmas tree....Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Trees….Oh Christmas Trees…..they are seriously a staple for nail art this time of year, but we need to jazz it up a little, don’t you agree? 

  1. Gel polish (or use regular polish if you prefer) your clients nails….any colour. 
  2. Apply a glitter topcoat in the shape of a christmas tree (that would be a triangle)! 
  3. Using the nail art pen, as a dotting tool, apply silver dots randomly over the glitter triangle. 
  4. Repeat this using white and gold. 
  5. Using the nail art pen, and any colour you like (for me it is gold) draw on your tinsel, like gold rings, getting bigger as they come down the tree. don’t forget to top off your tree with a star…or a Swarovski crystal if your feeling generous. 

check out the nail art pen, for more unique design ideas. 

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