Wednesday, 28 November 2007

An audience with Sam Biddle

I have just been looking at the photos of the Victoria Smiths design day in Peterborough and I have to chuckle. I had such a great day; listening to Victoria's talk about design and fantasy and why it is important to improve your skills as a tech, how she was able to bring over the argument with humour and elegance, I was very impressed with how motivating she is. Amber Gibbons was also there to talk to everyone about sales and how to utilize this within your business. I enjoyed listening to Jacqui Jefford talk about her experiences within the industry and stress the importance of education.

The afternoon was then all about nails and design. I demonstrated a nail for Christmas, and with a step by step to take home they were set the challenge of duplicating the design.
Watch this space, I have so far had 3 fantastic pictures, and will be posting them all next week. I am very impressed and proud that everyone actually set out to do one…so many people say they will and then chicken out, it just goes to show that it is possible….so very well done. I am proud to have been a part of a creative journey, now you guys have taken the first step, don’t let anything stop you.

I hope everyone had a great time and with the feed back I have read from the nail geek and emails I have received since, it is defiantly one we need to do again. checkout this link for more feedback on the day;

I would also like to thank Andrew; Victoria's husband for taking the photos and as promised, I am posting his pictures here (as supplied by Victoria) was this what you meant Andrew :0)?