Thursday, 22 November 2007

Water - Fantasy Nail

A calming look, these waves go along way to sooth and
caress those cares away. Making the waves on a sculpting form and placing them onto the tip this is a beautiful finished effect.

1. Apply a clear tip with brush on resin, and thin it using a grey fox. Cut the tips into an almond shape, and using the grey fox file tailor the tip so that the point is central.

2. Place a light aqua colour, here I have used Italian ice around the cuticle area and down towards the free edge, as a base colour to this design.

3. Each wave is created individually on a sculpting form and then placed on the tip, starting at the smile line.

On the form placed clear then blended rock candy, and white granite at the very edge to simulate the surf. While the acrylic is still curing I used a scalpel to flick the edge up and eased the rest of the thin acrylic into an arch (wave shape).

4. Trim the wave to fit the nail and while it is still pliable attached it to the nail using brush on resin, the base of the wave should follow the contour of the nail.

5. On the very tip of the nail I placed a rim of white, which was also flicked, up to represent surf.