Sunday, 4 November 2007

Latvia & Oniks Beta

Latvia and the Baltic beauty show; this was my first time in the country and although it wasn't much, my prays were answered and I got to see snow.

I was there to demostrate at the Oniks Beta stand, hold a seminar and judge. I demostrated fantasy as it is very popular in the baltics, that and design.

On the SaturdayI was one of the judges for the nail art and 3d fantasy categories. With a catwalk show of the finished designs and dancers I was very impressed with it all. I wish something similar could be held in the UK. There was an interval and entertainments half way through and even a mini interview with the judges, language permitting. This was a scary one for me. Each contestant received a reward, some goodies from the sponsers and flowers, a great incentive to enter. The winners each had a trophie and even more prizes and flowers.

Oniks BETA one of the top distributors in Latvia and run by the beautiful
Elena Tarlavskaya, here with her husband Boriss and Trang from Odassey nails, who also worked on the stand and judged in the competition, it was great to see him work. The sales manager Julia, helped organize me and my stay and was the interpreter for the whole weekend. she and I at the Russian restaurant on Saturday, great food and loads of vodka.