Sunday, 9 December 2007

A Christmas fantasy....step by step

Step 1; Using gold, from the earth stones collection, lay a base onto your form and create leaves over the area where the flower will sit.

Step 2; Inlay gold foil in clear on a form in a leaf shape. When nearly set cut into the sides of the leaf.
Arrange these onto the gold leaves on your form.

Step 3; Ruby from the gem stones collection is a great red to use to create the petals of your flower. You will need to place these onto your form and lift just as they are setting, to get a more organic look

Step 4; Roll out the red carpet is a fantastic glitter powder from the walk of fame collection, use this to create four more petals for the centre of your flower.

Step 5 Place a bead of emerald onto a form, when dry, lift and cut round the edges to fray it, place it into the centre of the flower.

Step 6; Place a bead of gold glitter acrylic into the centre of the green, and embellish with a gold gem.