Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Challange results - runners up.

Here it is......the long awaiting runners up, I am so sorry it has taken so long, but the decisions like these where so hard to make, I would love to blame this delay on a virtual battle via email between Amber, Victoria and my self about who's should come third and then second, I would also like to blame your wait on father time, as it seems he came in the night and stole some of mine, 1 week suddenly turned into 2...or is it more like 3. You decide which excuse to listen to, but first just except my apologise for the delay and thanks for your emails prompting me to post.

We decided to publish the results for the runners up as voted by you......so in third place with a fantastic Xmas flower...which showed consistency with her petals is........

Lauri Dicker


The second place is awarded, I loved the shape and natural organic look of the flower....so well done to..........

Jeni Smith


And thank you to everyone who Voted for these three and the other great entries, which included.....

Anne Roberts

Jane Dempster

Katy Writtle

Susan Loasby

and not forgetting...James.