Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Its Astonishing .......

Oh I have been a busy girl over the last few weeks and I wanted to introduce to some interesting people I  met last week in Holland.

So I am writing this on the train back to Amsterdam airport,  traveling home from the Educators training in Eindhoven, Holland. (actually I am now home, but didn’t get to upload this before jetting off again to Manchester at the weekend….)  I was invited over by Peggy Spill, to help out at her Educators training event. 

Peggy Spill
This educator training was held by the Beauty Factory www.beautyfactorynails.com  one of the largest distributors in Europe.  Leading distribution in both nail and beauty products they provide nail technicians with an array of different brands from Ez Flow, IBD, Nail Perfect, So Easy nails, China glaze and Astonishing to name but a few.   This training was for their newer brand;   Astonishing Nails a brand which has been developed by Peggy Spill,  director of the Beauty Factory and Beauty international,  and her team.  With over 25 years of research and development, Peggy tells me she wanted to bring a new brand to the industry which is innovative. 
Wim, Me & Patricia

 This event was the 2nd annual educators event and was attended by  39 nail technicians and distributors  from all over the world,  Astonishing nails UK; www.astonishingnails.co.uk  Ela Loszczyk came with her husband, she is 2010 UK Nail Champion, and now master educator for Astonishing.  ASU beauty supplies in Dublin www.asunailandbeauty.ie  Suzanne Alcock brought a team of 12 girls all of which helped with the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Greece, Russia and Spain where all represented along with many more….

The training kicked off with an introduction and distributor meeting held by Peggy Spill. Then the girls set up ready for some training after lunch. To the tune of the A team the international educators;  Tracey Vreven-Lee,  Wim Umans and Patricia van Loon came jogging on stage, ready to start the first class of the day; which was mine covering Gel and acrylic design. I hasten to add I was not one of the ‘joggers’…. yes call me a coward, I did declined that particular invitation to join in.

I was a guest educator along with David Fowler who was going to show the lucky girls pink and whites and competition nails the following day.

It was a fantastic training, covering 4 different nails we covered a lot of new applications and techniques,  along with inspiration and ideas. 

Wim, Patricia, Tracey & Kelly Lyn


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Tracey Vreven-Lee said...

Thanks again for joining us Sam. Even though you didn't jog in, you looked stunning with your Nike headband and made up for it with inspirational ideas as always!

Kelly-lynn said...

Dearest Sam,

It was a real pleasure to have you with us. Teaching your designs to our wonderful educators.. It was amazing. Hope to see you again soon and hope you can party with us. The Gala Award evening was so much fun. and even after working around the clock..everbody looked so beautiful! Thnxx for everything again.. We'll keep in touch. Love, Kelly-lynn