Tuesday, 13 December 2011

BECAUSE london

I found my self at TANK magazine HQ this year working with the fabulous make up artist Kay Montano and stylist Grace Timothey. Along with some other fabulous stylist Like Herman Ho....who worked the hair and I just love love love. What where we doing?
Kay was producing a range a brilliant make up tutorials and of course she wanted some pretty and funky nails to set them off.  From emulating icons like Diana Ross and France Gall, I was also very honoured to work with the amazing Erin O Conner the ultimate supermodel we re created  some of her favourite Spring/summer 2012 looks. This wasn't all done in one day, over a few months we working on a range of different looks and models and even the beautiful Caroline Issa, creative director of TANK Magazine.

  I thought I would also post how I created some of the Nail looks for the Erin OConner shoot.

want to see the tutorials? check out Because London here
for the latest look....perfect for the party season

there are many more on the website.

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