Friday, 9 December 2011

Gel Paint has arrived in the UK

 A flexible creative solution for the professional Nail technician

The new Gel Paint is set to take the nail industry by storm and is considered one of a kind. 
This is not gel polish, gel colour or even regular paint, but a new generation of coloured gel that works like paint!

Gel Paints are opaque in consistency and are the perfect solution for creating show stopping nail art. Brand new to the UK, Be Creative is the first to launch this fantastic product.  The revolutionary Gel Paints create nail art with a bold look and fine touch. The Gel Paints can be striped and blended together to create unique designs and applied over any enhancement product.    Gel Paints ensure ease of application and guarantee you have more control over your artwork which means you can’t help but produce the most perfect nail designs.

Gel Paint can also be both LED and UV cured. The first Primary Kit is now available This pioneering kit includes 6x4 gram pots in Black, White, Yellow, Blue and Green, Red; costing £60. 

Now available in the UK  from Sam Biddle at Be inspired

The Gel paints helped me to create these beautiful poppies, and I have to say with relative ease.  The steps are pretty self explanatory, but some points to remember are.
1. I find the trick with any gel design is to Layer...layer...layer.  You can see I have formulated the flowers initially with white gel paint. Cure this for a few seconds.
2. The next step is to blend the red and black together before blending.  This is pretty effortless to be honest and will also give you shadows.
3. You can see I have used the same method for the leaves, placing the white gel paint down first.
4. A quick way to add the greens (by the way I have mixed these green colours, using the colours in the primary kit) is to double dip your brush, and roll is while you apply over your white.
5. Finally, don’t forget the pigment collections can be used to enhance your colours, or by simply mixing the gold with the yellow gel paint you can lift the centre of the poppies.

Give your nail art  a bold look and fine touch.
They can be striped and blended together.
Apply over any enhancement product.   
Super thin but colour dense
Allows intricate design which stays put
Cures only when your ready
Maximum control in creativity.
Ideal for the  beginner and advanced technician.

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