Friday, 28 September 2012

5 facts.

I saw this on social cam this morning and thought it was a great idea, thats easy I thought...but writing down 5 facts about myself though was harder and more cathartic than I imagined.  Yeah it's all good I can say I love blue and enjoy a glass of wine......but that's not new, it's those facts about the real you that had  me thinking a whole lot more about myself. 

Some facts I liked and some I didn't care so much for.  I suddenly became me again and not a sum of my problems, worries and stresses.  I said Hi Sam, how you doing try it for your self please just take a moment today and write them down and if you want share them,  please tag me.  

Find yourself today and say hello, if you like give yourself a hug, your a really lovly person. 

5 facts about me!

I play the glad game every day. I find something positive out of every situation, even if it is small and silly.  if I am in a negative situation this especially helps, cause I turn a negative into a positive and let it grow. I read a book when i was about 9 called pollyanna, and I have been playing the glad game ever since.  I gave the book to my daughter Devon on her ninth birthday and I hope every so often she plays the game also. 

I hate doing my own nails, I hate other people doing my nails also, but I love having nails. I love coming up its the ideas but its just spending time doing them, I always feel there is something more profitable I could be doing with that time, then at the end of it all when they are done I am never satisfied, I am so over husband John just gives me that look! Ha know the one Lol.   So that's when the glad game comes in and I find a positive, like it gives me 3 hours of total me time, and I get to come up with a bag full of new ideas whilst I am working on my nails without distraction. 

One of the reasons why I make my self do social cam everyday is cause it means I have to make an effort with my appearance.  I would get up, shower, head downstairs make a cup of tea and go straight into the office, but when I know I need to film myself I spend some time doing my hair and makeup.  For the rest of the day I feel so much better and look a lot more presentable. 

I am not overly keen to talk about myself, I love talking to people with the same passion as me, but when your in that situation and someone say's "so what is it you do for a living" I find it incredibly difficult to know what to say to people when they ask me what I do for a living. Do I do nails, am I in adult education, do I have a distribution company....I tend to say I run my own business centring around the nail industry, and hope the light of interest fades from their eyes and I swoop in with a question of my own to distract them. I know i can talk alot when i get started and ramble....but its getting me started.

I hate cooking, I actually am not interested in food, and find it an chore that I get hungry and need to eat. Surprising I know since I have an obvious weight problem. I love comforting myself with food like wine and chocolate and white bread, it hates me and makes me feel really bad.  I have to force myself to eat breakfast, and am generally too busy to prepare my own lunch, so when it comes to dinner I just can't be bothered. Hense my issues with weight, food is a negative in my live and dominates it at the same time. My ultimate wish would be to have a chief prepare my food for me at all times, so when I travel it is the only time I actually eat 3 meals a day! 

A bit of a self indulgent post today, but i hope it gives you the inspiration to go look within, there are so many beautiful things inside its a shame we spend most of our time looking outwards and missing them.  Let me know what you think! let me know if it helps and have a great day Sx

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