Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Velvet Manicure

With Pink wearing our New Velvet Manicure in her new video, and Rhianna sporting her new Velvet look on Twitter,  Be Creative's Velvet manicure is on a ride of it's life. it seems we just can't pack enough of it. Featuring in popular Magazines such as More, Woman, Cosmoplitan, Company magazine and even in the Sun many more I don't have the space to mention them all... isn't it high time you used this media coverage and sold some Velvet manciures to your clients. 

The Velvet manicure in Lilac

A simple way to cash in on a popular trend is to scour the magazines and beauty blogs for great looks and simple techniques, if they are worn on a celebrity or as an accessory to a fashion trend, then tear it out or print off the page...grab your self some prit stick and stick it on a A4 sheet of paper with the words;
as seen on Rhianna and Pink this month! 

Its as simple as that...turn the media's enthusiam into a marketing tool for your self and give your customers something relatable to talk about. Hay it doesn't matter if your client she doesn't go for the latest look or colour, but you know what,  she knows you know whats hot and on trend, she knows to come to you or recommend you next time.  Most importantly she will be thinking of you the first time someone talks about nails, cause you gave her something to think about. Try it and see what happens.  

To help you in this quest I have a fabulous special offer which you just can't refuse, but hurry we only have 10 sets available. 

Get all 12 colours of the velveteen range currently available
Get 4 of the BRAND NEW velveteen colours - not yet released
Get Free postage
for £50
only availble to the FIRST 10

The new colours are delightful, a dark cherry, reminds me of a rich burgundy and I think this is going to be a very popular colour this winter, for me anyway. Then we have the lilac which I think teamed with some glitter or Swarovski crystals will look really cute to wear for the Christmas parties. The apple green worn with the aqua is quite sumptuous, and together looks very hot.

Another fabulous way to sell your Velvet manicure is to combine it with a gel polish, apply the gel polish as normal and then apply the velveteen with regular topcoat.  This way your clients can enjoy the velveteen manicure for a weekend or evening out, and then remove it when she is ready and still have the beautiful polished fingers until her next appointment. If you want some more great tips on incorporating nail art into your service menu and your heading up to London next weekend, please stop by the Nailympics on Sunday, I will be running a short seminar on this very subject. 

For more information check out this video and the step by step using the new Lilac velveteen. To get your kit you just need to click on this link and hit the buy now button.


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