Sunday, 16 September 2012

Nail pro magazine cover 2012

Nail Pro Magazine Cover 2012

On my trip to the States at the beginning of the year, I was honoured to create another front cover for Nail Pro magazine using my new gel paints and demonstrating how to use the nail art pen. As always it was a great experience.

Using the gel paints I created the back ground, these paints work brilliantly blending together effortlessly they have the workability of paint and the advantages of gel. they are highly pigmented and so easy to crate a whole new pallet. check out my website for more information and colour recipe videos. there is also some other fabulous step by steps using the gel paints. 
i then used the Nail art pen dipped in Be Creative acrylic paint and drew and drew and drew, this pen is a gift that just keeps giving, and on a shoot when time is of the essence, i was able to save a bunch of it.  Check out this short clip and steps provided by nail pro of my day. 

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