Thursday, 24 October 2013

Artisan programs day 2

Last night I had every intention of sitting down in a quiet corner for 30 mins to write my blog, but alas this was not meant to be. The day its self was full of tension, which is understandable, expectations run high and a strong self belief is necessary. part of the assessment day is to do a 'micro teach' a portion of the lesson plan taught to your peers....eeeeeeeek! who on earth thought that one up. something I would have struggled with in the past. But their is a realisation when doing something like this, that you have nothing to fear but fear its self. sometimes it is the story you tell your self which becomes bigger and more scary than the actual realisation. Trust me i have conversations with my self in the shower all the time....! then one you have conquered those insecurities about what might never are better for it. That said we had three beautiful demonstrations, and along the way some giggles...resulting in the first USA artisans. Sandy Borges Combs, Sharon George and Tammi Merritt. they will now be offering the think outside the box class in the USA and Trinidad and Tobago.

Going out to celebrate at the planet hollywood, we came back to do abit of gambling...well as they say when in Rome. Not that I new what I was doing or even pretended to understand when the croupier explained, but it was fun 'loosing money'

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