Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Day 1 be creative artisan training

Day 1 of the the Be Creative USA education program is over and I am sitting here by the fire with Rebecca discussing how truly amazing these new Artisans are, the phenomenal talent in one room is inspiring and to think they will be spreading the Be Creative word across the USA and Trinidad and Tobago. The naughty side of me enjoys the fact that we are enjoying a glass of something fresh in the bar as they continue to practise and complete theirs homework for another day of training tomorrow....and that in my defence is because I have been in their shoes all too often! Thank goodness we love our jobs.
The day started off with a giggle and plenty of ice breaking....first challenge to them was to deliver a 'creative' personnel presentation. From belly dancing tutorials to naughty knicker drawers we found out why our new artisans where blessed with their imagination.
Working in Las Vegas is distracting I have to admit, taking a lunch break in such a beautiful and entertaining setting means my normal 30min rule goes out the window....but hay oh we have all night.
So for now I shall sleep easy and look forward to tomorrow and their assessment day.
Check out this nail created by Sandy Borges for her homework.

Nail created by Sandy Borges

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