Saturday, 26 October 2013

Fantastical in Las Vegas

The last few days of my Vegas trip was just down right indulgent. Fantasy nails for me is that proverbial cherry on top of the cake...with extra frosting, and to teach this is an honour. It isn't an easy thing to teach to be honest with you, and I prefer to work along side a very small class, this keeps it more enjoyable for everyone, and they don't loose track or even forget what they need to do next to move onto the next stage. Unlike a design class learning fantasy nails is a slow process, and really your lucky to leave with a completed work of art.
Group shot! 

We started easy, with some snakes, incorporating those luscious chameleon pigments, and pressed tulle into acrylic to get the texture and skin effect. those snakes went from one extreme - cute to down right deadly. Moving on after lunch to cute and cuddly, and alas I have to say I had the attack of the giggles in the afternoon. Those giraffes where just the best things ever. I was very proud to see them grow up. 

Class results
The second day we concentrated on features and the human form. Creating magic with fairies, including working with gel to make those wings. 

Sandy Borges

Allison Ross

The aim of the lesson is to develop faces and form, working on building structure, create movement and features. and of course have some giggles along the way. 

Sandy & Tammi having a moment.

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