Tuesday, 7 January 2014


We often end the year with a big sigh.....well I say 'we', I mean me!  But I hope I am not alone in this comparison. The year ends with a big fat thump on the sofa, the doors of the office close a few days before Christmas with an expectation of a long rest to recover and recoup the madness which was 2013........but then I look at the corner of my living room and think, shit I have to put the tree up, and wrap all the on line shopping boxes piled up under the bed,  and get the Christmas food shopping for those throngs of relatives who only visit once a year.

Phaaaaaa Rest you say.....think again my friend, it is time to switch heads like good old Worzel Gummage, and change from being sexy entrepreneur, sophisticated business woman in heels to Raggedy Ann in crocks,  apron and shiny squares of cello-tape  attached to my not so snug derrière.

So lets start again, Christmas is over and New Year has chimed, I spend the 1st day of the year, munching my way through the left overs and unwanted chocolates, so that I can start back on my healthy eating plan without the guilt of throwing away anything. I have just a few more hours before midnight strikes and I once again turn from Cinders to my perseved elegant working self.

What happened, all those things I wanted to do in this short break, I am looking back over the last couple of weeks of hibernating and shake my head in despair. I need a 'break' to get over the Christmas Break.  But in a way I am glad to be back, the structure is back in place, the rules are once again followed and I know where I am and what I need to achieve. There are boundaries and guidelines to follow when at work, which tend not to be in place at home. I  am now sitting here with a big sigh and a big smile ready to work wonders at my key board, or create magic with my nail art pen.

So watch out 2014, there is some exciting things on the horizon, I have in my fist a list of resolutions, goals and a new  boundaries in place. I am ready ......are you?

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