Monday, 8 September 2014

I received this email!

When people attend my workshops I am always nervous about what they are thinking and feelings, no one is ever truly honest to your face, and their expectations after investing in a workshops can either be raised or dashed, with the content or even the attitude of the educator. I received this honest and frank email from one of the ladies who attended the 2 day 'pushing the limits'  workshop in Sydney,Australia.  

This is an unedited email, I wanted to share with you,  I am very thankful of her comments and thoughts on the workshops. 

Melanie wrote; 
Melanie Crowe - Center

1. I was always going to attend with the name Sam Biddle in the heading. I chose this class mainly because I have attended previous workshops with Sam & I have always felt at ease with her. Her teaching style & down to earth approach with everyone in the class is exceptional. I love how she never intimidates & always makes people feel comfortable no matter what level of expertise they have. I always drag the chain but she allows me to potter along at my own pace.

2. I am the first one to admit that I am no painter when I saw some of the designs I must admit to feeling a little disheartened because I actually thought it was an acrylic fantasy workshop but with some practise I feel as though I can achieve the same look especially the feather design & believe it or not I have been inspired to sign up for a painting class, which I am doing this coming Friday. Yeah go me !!!!! I feel the parrot was out of my league but again with practise it is simple enough to be achieved. Sams delivery of her classes is awesome she can laugh & have a joke & not be stuck up but she can also be serious & willing to help whomever gets stuck. Thats what I love most about her there is no airs or graces what you see is what you get a happy friendly person whom is willing to help. She is always engaging looks people straight in the face & tells it how it is. Her advice & friendliness is outstanding.

3. Attending this workshop I was hoping to improve on my fantasy. I didnt enter fantasy this year because in previous years I have built everything out of acrylic. It is heavy & hard going on my model. I felt that I could never get past the kiddie looking stage of my pieces. This year I have learnt how to build things from foil how awesome is that !!! It has definately given me hope & inspiration to enter fantasy next year which is what I really love to do. I really loved the second day of the workshop & thought I would never implement any of the designs or techniques from the first day but guess what today I used the brights & party pigments for the first time in salon. I was quite thrilled & chuffed with myself & said to my client this is something that I learnt to do with Sam Biddle. It wasnt much but none the less I was still happy to boost about & say look at what I learnt. I took away alot from those 2 days, made many friends & even surprised myself by retaining that information. I would most certainly do another workshop with Sam & I am hoping that with lots of practise that I could even surprise her with what I might achieve. That is my goal.Cheers to Sam Biddle you rock !!!!!Much love from down under, Melanie Crowe xo

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