Monday, 15 September 2014

Mind over Matter

We have all heard that saying, right? Generally when we are on those last 10 squats or have another hill to climb, your repeating those words 'mind over matter'....but it means so much more than that.

As we get older we should in theory become wiser....hello...a bit silly as surely we need the wisdom when we are forming our career and deciding our life path? But it is the mistakes we make that forms our wisdom. The one thing I have learnt over the last couple of years is you can have all the wisdom in the world, you can talk the talk and even set things in motion. But there is something inside of you that stops the process, that prevents you from achieving those goals, dreams and targets, regardless of the knowledge and understanding you might process.

Why? Because you have yet to win the war of your mind, to control those thoughts which hold you back. 

Right now I am working on 3 new exciting developments for my business, I have been developing these ideas for a few years now, but I feel now is the time to set the ball in motion. That said I am still trying to rationalise the reasons why I should do it, my mind is coming up with obstacles and restrictions. To counter act this, my wisdom is telling me i have all the tools and information and can achieve this, that it makes sense to move my business in the right direction. So what is going on here?

My brain is clouded with tiny pulses of doubt, and these are created because of fear! Remember fear is not a valid emotion, fear is a figment of your imagination. If I allowed those pulses of doubt to run a mock through my brain I would still be here in another 3 years building business plans and researching delivery methods. 

Setting your mind to it means you're conquering something  fear says you can't do. But fear is not real, it is just your imagination, and its express purpose is to feed your self doubt and negative self talk. 
Your mind is what you need to control, you have all the wisdom and knowledge in the world, but unless you can control how your thoughts affect how you feel, you will always be stuck in the same cycle; worrying about the same things and not able to achieve the possible. 

Today for just a couple of minutes imagine if you could achieve anything, what would it be; Loosing five stone or maybe entering and winning a competition? Starting your own business and learning a new skill or craft. Have you always wanted to write a book or go back to university and get a Phd?

What ever you want in this life is yours for the taking, I promise  you can have it all, but unless you conquer your mind, all the knowledge and wisdom will get you no where. 

Once you have established what you want to achieve then it is time to think strategically.  Having structure gives you an element of control and understanding and stops those doubts taking hold.  
This is what I do when I have an idea or project I am thinking of, even if it is planning a holiday destination or investing in a new home. If there is an element of doubt, then my mind will work hard to sabotage my dream. 

Creating a SWOT analysis is not a HOW will this happen, this is a study you can take to identify the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the external opportunities and threats should you go ahead.  This is one of the most meaningful exercises you can do within business. 

Strengths are those parts of the business or idea which sets you apart from the competition. You must be honest and establish what is it that you do well. What advantages do you have over your competitors and what makes you different?
Weaknesses are areas in need of improvement. Can you do anything better or is there anything you do badly? What should be avoided and what causes problems or complaints?
Opportunities which can improve your business.
Threats can be external or internal, and are anything which can adversely affect your business, research what your competitors are doing, are there any changes in products, services or technology which could threaten your business? Do you have any financial problems such as bad debt or cash-flow difficulties? Internal threats could also be personnel, time management skills and other factors which may distract you. 
Having done your analysis you then need to create an action plan, it is essential you think about the following points in order to move forward and eliminate the self doubt. This action plan will be the first step towards achieving your goals. 

Your achievements are 100% mental; your business won't go where your mind doesn't push it. 

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