Friday, 5 September 2014

Step by Step

Leah Light
I have been asked to teach and recreate this look time and time again, these optical illusion nails seem to capture the imagination of so many, so I thought I would re post the steps I created  a while ago incase you missed them.  These nails I created on celebrity manicurist and nail artist from New Zealand Leah Light....we simply updated her tired gel polish with a combination of Party Pigments; I used 'did you know' and 'gossip'. Combining white, gold and black is a favourite look for Leah and I have to agree, it certainly looks chic.
Party Pigments from Be Creative

Creating various colour fades using the glitter pigment pressed into the inhibition (sticky) layer, I then used a base coat to seal it. I wanted to use the nail art pen over the glitter without disturbing it, and by dry wiping the inhibition layer from the base coat, I was able to achieve the pattern with little problem. 

Using your nail art pen and the be creative black paint, add dots down the length of the nail, make sure these dots are in line with each other. 

Join each of the dots together starting at the top and sweeping the nail art pen down in a 'S" formation. 
Now add another 'S' shape horizontally joining the dots to make the small tiles. 
These steps are created on a white back ground to make it easier for you to see the shapes made with the nail art pen, if your having issues using the pen, check out my blog post HERE. 
Find out more about the Nail Art Pen HERE

I have created this look on various back grounds, but non as simple and effective as pigments, by adding a colour fade in a clever way you can make your optical illusion nails even more powerful. 

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