Thursday, 25 October 2007

Competition...are you up for it?

These nails were done by Talented Jo Shirley, Master Artist Educator and Distributor in the North.

Jo Shirley and Red 10 are hosting an amazing roadshow and competition in the North East on the 18th November

..."there is something for everyone with Pink & White, Design & Fantasy and Gel categories to enter".

This is a perfect way to get your self some competition experience absolutely free....what a fantastic opportunity which you just can't miss if your serious about improving your skills.

When you enter any competition it is never about the winning but the exposure to seasoned professionals which can give you valuable feed back. Entering a competition is a fun way to prove your worth and test your metal...

I know what it is like, we sit in our salons perfecting those perfect 10 and we forget just how brilliant and creative we can need these competition to shine. Taking these first tentative steps out of your comfort zone will allow others to be inspired and creative with their careers and this mini competition might just be a great toe dipper to spur you to enter the nationals in March.
Of course winning is always a bonus, and the exposure that comes with it, but if that is not enough there is a generous prize fund of £2000 to help ease the crises of confidence we are all inflicted with when we make the decision to enter a competition. What more can you ask for before Christmas?

This event is not just about the competition...there is some amazing stuff available to visitors; demonstrations, forums, and opportunities to try out some products. For those burning questions some of the top icons in the industry will be available to answer them.

Along side Jacqui Jefford, Jane Cook, Antony Buckley, Jo Shirley and myself, Amber Gibbons the brand manager for Ez Flow will be there and some of the other super talented Masters from the Ez Flow education team...a day which looks to be very promising and educational.

Demonstrations from myself and Jo in design and Fantasy, to get some creative juices flowing before the Christmas holidays...showing you just what can be achieved within the salon through design, come see some of the new colours and maybe try them out before you buy.

Forums held by Antony Buckley and Jane Cook will also be available to you and If nails isn't all that interests you...Semi permanent make up, make up, Botox and Restylane will be name but a few.

I am reliably told this is all held at The Quality Hotel, Selby, Nth York's LS25 5LF in the Harewood Suite, But I suggest you call Lynne for more information on 01302340550.

Don't forget your entry form for the competition...go on be brave what harm
can it do....besides you never know what might happen.