Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Pure Extrovert

Using the brand new Carnival Collection, this pretty design is very popular with my clients. the design is encapsulated within the design, and then extra gem stones are added for that extra sparkle. Octobers Scratch magazine has more step pictures for this one!

You will need; Bourbon Street, Carnival Queen, Fat Tuesday, Grande parade, Jazz band, Dancing in the street, Feathered Mask, Voodoo, Competition White & Gem stones (optional)

Behind the scene…

From the corner of the cuticle area blend Bourbon Street into Jazz band, at the mid part of the nail blend carnival queen. Starting just above the smile line at an angle blend Fat Tuesday into Dancing in the street, if you blend at an angle, the position of the peacock will become more sympathetic to the design; continue the blend towards the tip.

Proud as a Peacock…

The dark blue makes the perfect body for the peacock, mid way up the nail just overlapping the fat Tuesday, place a medium bead of blue, and bring it towards the tip in a semi colon shape. Then with a smaller bead of blue place the head at the top.

Using a tiny bead of voodoo, enhance the fat belly of the bird.

Start applying the feathers using feathered mask, each feather is a tear drop of colour with the centre hollowed out using your small design brush. Allow the feathers to fan out and up the nail.

Every peacock needs a crown, apply the plumb at the top of the birds head using a triangle of competition white, using voodoo apply a tiny bead along the widest part of the white, and then dark blue.
It’s all in the detail…..

Use competition white around the eye area, taking care to keep it crisp and clean, with a very small and dry bead of voodoo used as the eye. Use the white and black down the bead area.

Continue adding colour to the tail feathers using a small bead of grand parade, and then a smaller bead of voodoo to give them depth.
A nice alternative is to embellish some of the feathers with small gem stones. Place these inside one or two of the feathers.

To cap it all….

Use a clear powder to cap the design, file and buff to a high shine. Applying a 3D effect to the feathers is an alternative way to really make your design pop out. Overlapping the encapsulated design, place four or five more feathers using the same method as outlined in step 2 and 3, embellishing them with gem stones will really finish the nail off.