Sunday, 28 October 2007

What should a technician look for in a training provider?

When searching for a training provider you need to ask yourself a few
important questions. Of course all educators will tell you how great their brand
is and the only one on the market that will produce fantastic nails, if they
didn’t you should be wary. You need to see a loyalty and passion for a brand
which they will in turn pass onto you. But don’t get too wrapped up in the sale
speak, the product can always change if your not happy, it is what you learn
that is the most important.

Don’t get me wrong a good quality brand will
always make your life easier, so don’t settle for second best and go cheap,
start as you mean to go on. But what is the best? Firstly you need to learn the
skills and use the product, when you are booking onto a class try to speak to
your educator on the phone or in person if possible, don’t just book through a
distributor without asking some important questions like; how long your educator
has been training? Are there any other qualifications in the teaching field that
might improve their teaching skills? The day will come when all adult education
requires your educator to hold a teaching certificate; it is a good idea to find
people already working towards their qualification. You also need to gel well
with your educator, she or he needs to be able to answer your questions open and
honestly. The rapour you have with your educator will last you for your career,
and influence your decisions. You will need to confirm how reliable and
available the classes and stock situation is, will they be able to provide you
with what you need when you need it. And then the crunch question; cost.

Budget education isn’t always the best education; it is more a case of
what you get for your money. If you are looking at three beginners classes all
about the same price, and the brands are competitive in the market, turn your
attention to the syllabus of the class.

What is it you will learn on the days you are there?
Can you gain more from one than another?
How many new skills will you walk away with?
Which techniques will be more valuable to you and your business in the long run?

It is not just a case of applying a product, it is in what way those products can be applied, you need to learn at least three different application techniques, for example, sculpting, tip and overlay and pink and white. They are in my opinion the foundations to being a good tech, not only in acrylic but gel. You will also need to learn the fundamentals required by the NVQ system, and be pointed in the right direction with business and marketing skills required when setting up a new business.

Any class you take should be fun, inspiring and motivating, at no time should you feel you are not good enough or able to complete the task at hand, the success or failure to learn will be the success or failure in teaching ability from your educator not you.

Remember to three key questions to ask;

What can I learn from this class?
How will I learn in this class?
Who can I learn from in this class?

...You might be surprised with the answers.