Saturday, 20 October 2007

Professional Beauty show @ Gmex

Manchester isn't quite Global, but in the UK it is a great place to visit, as I am from a tiny town in the south of England, the bright lights of a city is always impressive. I have just come home from spending two days in Manchester central working with Ez Flow at the professional beauty show.

With four of us demonstrating nails from gel it and the new colour range to acrylic design, and of course the odd fantasy nail to wow the crowds, did we manage to wet the appetite and inspire those swarming around the stand? It was great to get the opportunity to work with some great techs, we all gelled well together, pushing our demonstrations to the next level.

Me Victoria Smith Jo Shirley Antony Buckley

A couple of the Fantasy nails that some of the visitors had to cope with. I dread to think how they managed with these and some of the other creations I subjected them too. Liquorice Allsorts, Swizzles and Twirls and Strawberry's and cream...all good enough to eat. this little fellow continued to decorate this colour nail which had been beautifully applied by Jo, and then covered up with a pert bottom and a paint brush...sorry Jo!
Antony Buckley found his inner kitten with these tiger strips, a stunning set in a multitude of colours, I have to say he did a fantastic job, his nails are truly stunning, there is an energy that sings when look at his work, a very talented man. We ended up working together holding a design seminar on the Monday, while I did what I do! He demonstrated to an audience of like minded people.
When you go to these things there is always an element of entertaining and ....urmmm eating involved, of course it is very hard work and we all struggle to enjoy it, as you can see from this Our brand manager Amber Gibbons has made such a difference to the team, building trust and new opportunities for us all, the fabulous Caroline Hickey, she always shines on the dullest of days with her sparkling personality, and of course the beautiful Victoria Smith, a wonderful woman who I really enjoy spending time with. We are all in china town.....believe it or not, this was before the bottle of wine.
I can't wait for Excel in March.....


Victoria Smith said...

Sam.... thank you so much for your kind words. Working alongside you is both a pleasure and an inspriation.... thank you so much for such an informative blog... Victoria.x.

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