Wednesday, 13 October 2010

ARABELLA FORMS - acrylic flower embellishments

This Nail Design tutorial shows how to create some small acrylic flowers in various colours using the Arabella fantasy forms, which are a great way to practice and develop your designs and Nail art. Here is a simple flower which I have attached to the surface the a finished nail using gel top coat, although you can just as easily encapsulate them with gel or acrylic.

Make sure you use the various different sizes of the Arabella forms so they fit different nail shapes.  
Step 1; place a small bead of acrylic which has been double dipped in two shades of the same colour. Here I have used a purple and lilac acrylic.

Step 2;  press the brush into the centre of the petal, with the point of your brush towards the middle, press out as flat and thin as possible.

Step 3; continue adding petals around the flower, approximately 5,  overlap the petals to give a more realistic effect.

Step 4; for the centre of the flower I have added these tiny bullion beads which I pick up with acrylic. Dip your brush into the acrylic first and then the beads in a matching colour, place onto the acrylic flower before it dry's.

Step 5; attach the flower, cover the finished nail with a gel top coat and then place the flower before you cure for 3 minutes, alternatively encapsulate the design within acrylic or gel. I have also added more petal and some buds, to complete my look. 

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Please visit, you will find on the products page a short film with some more great ideas of how to use these fantastic forms. 

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nekocrafts said...

great tutorial same <3 i'd love to see how you did the nail to :D i see you really love gel lately :)