Monday, 18 October 2010


Designs Using Gel Polishes
This is a call out to all nail technicians using one of the newer 'gel polish' ranges. I am currently working on a feature for Scratch Magazine for the January issue which is looking at how these new gel polishes are effecting the industry today, this positive feature will look at a range of different polishes from Shellac, Gelish to Gelac. I am looking into 7 different ranges and am interested in your opinions. I want to find out more about your reactions to this new phenomenon hitting the industry today. So I have three questions to ask, can you please leave a comment on this post with your answers. or send me an email to

  1. What Gel polish do you use and what's your feedback about the application: how did it apply, how did you find the finished result (shine ect), what would you change if anything? 
  2. Can you provide client feedback, I am especially looking at initial reaction, at the idea and concept of the gel polish, and how they found it wearing over 2 weeks, and if they would continue having this service?
  3.  Can you give me 1 great idea of how you market and sell this new service to their clients. let me know how long you have been using the product and if you have noticed an improvement to your turnover. 
Thank you so much for your time.

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Farrah G said...

I'm not a Nail Tech...yet but plan on going on an EzFlow or ibd beginner's course.

I have experienced a manicure with the new ibd 'Gelac' and I am most impressed. My Nail Tech applied it really easily, sparingly and my manicure was all done in around 25 minutes.

My nails have got a bit of a bad life actually, especially with having dogs so my polish chips easily, nails break but with the gel polish, I had the shiny lasting durable finish of a gel manicure but it looks like polish and lasted a week and a half (until I got bored of the colour).

I would market this to comsumers as a long lasting polish for those that don't like the bulky look a gel can sometimes have (depending on the nail tech of course). It's simple and takes the same time to do as a regular mani with nail polish. It's also perfect for busy working women like myself who are prone to chipping even a fresh manicure because I'm so clumsy.