Thursday, 14 October 2010

Inside a Be Inspired workshop

Last week I spent the day at Grafton’s International in Tamworth, they have invited me to hold one of my Be inspired workshops, working with their new range of colour drops.   It is an exciting new range of stains which can be used with both gel and acrylic and I enjoyed showing off some great new ideas for the salon.  

On the day, everyone had a chance to practise the new skills, working on the fantastic Arabella forms, rather than taking time out to prep and finish file nails, I wanted to cover as much as possible and give everyone the opportunity to practise.

Covering gel throughout the day,  I first showed the girls how to get texture within the gel, giving you a fine frosted glass effect.  This got Cheryl all excited, and she was off developing new and fantastic ways of adding texture within the nails, with light boxes and embossing paints. We also worked with the standard gels and created a 3D embossed design, as well as using pigments and acrylics within the gel to create a thicker more manageable gel for this type of work.
After Lunch we worked on applying a pre made tip, which I had prepared on the arabella forms, this is perfect for photo shoots, or even when clients want something more intricate and you can then spend time pre making your design tips.  Then using the colour drops as a base I created a stiletto nail using white gel to create a smoky effect, using gel over the finished nail to create a cage effect on the tip.
We also covered blending and fading,  I have a little trick that gives a seamless effect. Applying some premade gel flowers onto the nail with gel, I showed how you can pre make your embellishments in gel much like my last blog post. This is a fantastic little time saver in the salon, and gives you a chance to practise.
Overall the girls thought the day was inspiring and helpful, full of some great ideas to make working in the salon more creative.  This sort of workshop is meant to help nail technicians find a new direction, build on some marketing ideas to improve income. 

If you fancy attending one of these workshops, developed for experienced nail technicians looking to bring new creative skills to their work, I have the following dates.

visit, you will find more information and details on how to book on the events page.  Or email me at     


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