Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Top Tips - Getting the most from your Arabella Forms

Have you got a set of these Arabella Forms, I personally have sold hundreds, and they are now available worldwide, so now it is about time we came up with some Top Tips for you to get the most of these forms.  I have three great steps coming up over the next few weeks using these forms, so watch this space.

Arabella fantasy forms are the brain child of Sam Lynam, created as a unique tool to help you     improve design skills. Measuring 10cm long, they can be pinched, drawn on and are also reusable.  
  •   Pre design tips 
  •  Develop fantasy nails
  •  Create embellishment
  •  10 different sizes
  •  Reusable

  • INDIVIDUAL EMBELLISHMENTS; Use the Arabella Forms in your quiet moments to practise your craft, creating a collection of embellishments to encapsulate onto nails later. Suitable for both Gel and acrylic you can encapsulate either  within your design.

  • PRE DESIGNED TIPS; Pre design complex tips without a client being present or amaze then with your fantastical pieces of art. The Arabella fantasy forms can be used with any system and after you have designed your tip, embellishment or full nail, the design can be taken off the form easily and adhered to the free edge.  Use your Arabella forms for photo shoots, pre make the nails at your leisure, after sizing your models nails, and then apply with speed on the day

  • FANTASY;  If your creating petals and leaves, or entering a competition, use the forms and mould your creation around it. All you will be left with is the acrylic and not an unsightly tip. It is create to just start work with, as there is no time consuming tip prep.

Here are my personnel Top tips to getting the best from your Arabella forms.

  • The forms can me marked, so your smile lines and nail lengths are the same. Turn your form over and with a ‘sharpie’ draw these guide lines.  This can be removed later with a cleanser.
  • Remember they are reusable, in your pack you get 20 tips, that is two of each size. If you want to     create a display board with your designs then I would advise you get a couple of kits. And use the same size form...so the tips look attractive on the board. I use H and I.
  • I personally create the nail beds on all my forms, and then start the design. I always place a nail bed, even if I am applying a full colour over the whole nail.

  • Each of the forms have a curved end, use this to your advantage, this becomes your cuticle. DON’T create your tip in the centre of the form, your nails won’t be consistent in shape.

  • Don’t remove your design until your ready to file and finish.

  • Work on two or three forms at the same time, especially if your working with gel.

The side walls on your natural nails are important, and you must make sure you recreate this on the Arabella forms. You can see here an example of what your trying to recreate and the image also shows you how the nail bed would look if you don’t consider the side walls.

Featured in my Pure Gel DVD, you can see just how great these forms are, and how much you can utilize them in your business. to get your set please visit my website www.sambiddle.co.uk  
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