Wednesday, 27 October 2010

ARABELLA FORMS - Sunflower embellishments

This Nail Design is created using the Arabella forms, they can improve the way you work within the salon, giving you an opportunity to practise but also by pre making these flowers you can save time, when it comes to applying them onto your client’s nails. These embellishments can be encapsulated or embossed, perfect in any colour on an acrylic base or gel nails. Follow these instructions to create these sunflowers out of Gel, but please remember you can substitute the yellow for any colour to compliment the nail extension.

Step 1; I have created these flowers in gel; place a small bead of a thick   viscosity white gel onto the form. Have in your mind where the centre of the flower will be.

Step 2; Using a thin striping brush dip this into a yellow gel, so it coats the   bristle. Then drag the brush with the yellow gel  through the white bead, from the centre of the flower out. Lift the brush slightly as you get to the point  of your petal, this will help create a point.

Step 3; remember to cure each stage under the UV lamp, this is only a flash cure so no more than 10 seconds is needed.  Now to create the centre, use a combination of orange and brown gel, and place thins into the centre of the flower, mixing slightly, cure for 10 seconds and with a dotting tool dipped in black gel. Place dots around the outer edge of the brown centre.

Step 4.; once your happy with your flowers you need to attach them to your nails. Remember you can store these in a little pot for a later date to use when your short of time. Use all the forms sizes to fit different nail widths.

Also make the flowers on different parts of the forms to incorporate the c curve, so they themselves can be placed on different parts of the nail. To attach place a thin layer of gel down and using long nosed tweezers secure the flower, then flash cure. If your placing the flower on the top of a finished nail, use gel sealer first and bond the flower to the nail when it cures under the UV lamp.

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