Sunday, 30 December 2012

Diary of an International Nail Artist Part 3

This is Part 3 of a Diary of an international nail artist. for part 1 click here and part 2 click here

I had just got back from the states, and a few days later I received a rather intriguing invitation to bring Be Creative out to Asia. 

Working with Jasmine Ng, Joey Chen, Sam Eng and Erin Eng who joined forces together in April of this year to setup JJ Nail Professional Training Centre and Trinity Beauty. Trinity beauty is the late Tom Holcomb’s new line, something which he had been working on with Erin and her husband Rich before he died last year. 

Now working with the Holcomb family they continue the legacy, and to launch the brand they held an international competition, run my head judge of nail pro cup Carla Collier. 

So packing my suit case once again I prepared for another long haul, this time 19hours. we didn’t have time to ship stock as it was just a 7 day turn around for me, so this meant a suitcase full of nail art pens and gel paints, wedged in with my knickers and very little clothes. managed to fit in my heels though. 

Arriving late on Saturday night, I had a nice reunion with Carla, having only just said good bye a week or so before, it seems no matter the miles or continents we live on this industry is small and as travellers and educators we are constantly crossing paths, and becoming firm friends.   With a day off to look forward to the next day, I headed to bed to catch up on some beauty sleep and try and fool by body that I had indeed not circumnavigated the globe. 

Sight seeing is always a must, and I headed out to Kuala Lumpur's twin towers, then we all met up and had some very local food, it was an amazing experience and I do feel blessed. 

But I was not there to party, the next morning was the Trade fair and Be Creative was going to be apart of Trinity's stand.  With me spending a majority of my time Demoing.

 The competition produced some stunning results, I am always in awe of the sheer talent and detailed work that this part of the world produces, it is very humbling and I am very lucky to be able to be apart of it. The awards where especially emotional, as this was in honour of Tom Holcomb....some tears and laughter where heard as Richard showed a very emotional video of Tom and how much he has effected this industry of ours.

Be Creative where one of the sponsor of the event, and this is me on stage along with the team from JJ's Erin Eng, Jasmine Eg, Joey Chen and Sam Eng.

The final day was spent educator training, and building up the Be Creative Asian Educator Team for JJ. Louis Lim who came first place in nail art tried out the gel paints.....and loved them.

It was finally time to say goodbye and head home.This was a learning curve for me, and certainly a trip I will cherish, I met some amazing people and am very excited to be working with Erin and her team...Be Creative in Malaysia is a massive hit and I hope to return and offer more training.

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