Thursday, 6 December 2012

Diary of an international Nail Artist Part 5

Lithuania & Orly

As an Orly ambassador I get sent all over the world to hold seminars and training,  Last Month I was sent to Lithuania by Orly to talk to the nail technicians about the range of treatments, Orly pro manicure and of course the fabulous gel FX, of course I had to throw in some gel polish designs in there too. 

 One of my first tasks was to sign the certificates, now normally we would be talking 25-30 a day.....when I arrived at the venue I had over 600 to sign......thankfully I had to do it over 3 days.  Each seminar would have an average of 200 people, this was going to be a road trip from Villnius to Klaipeda and back again.

Working with Domas and  Viktoras Lygnugaris  from Vitrina -, a family run distribution for nails, hair and beauty products.  Their team couldn't be more welcoming and friendly.  

Now one of my musts on any trip is to try the local foods, and one of the best dishes...and I say one, because there was a number of delicious meals to choose from, was the sauerkraut soup in a rye bread bowel.....just perfect after a day of seminaring. 

Coming home with some super strength honey mead, enough to blow your head off...a great ingredient for a hot toddy.  Along with some amazing cheese, and some great history information, I didn't realise just how rich the Lithuanian history was....worth a return visit with the family. 

 I love these trips, they are enlightening and a lesson.  I had never spoken in front of such large crowds before not to mention 6 hours of it. But you know what I loved it...and looking forward to next time.....getting out of your comfort zone is hard...but well worth it. 
It is interesting ......I promise
My beautiful Interpreter 

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