Monday, 10 December 2012

How to make your nails sing out...

How do I make my nails sing? I often say in my class a good nail design sings to can hear it chorus like a well tuned choir. 

That means the combination of back ground and foreground works in harmony, the detail is the ballad and the shape suits the hand like it is intune.

It is obvious that you need a fundamental knowledge and talent to create the most beautiful nails, nails that when people look at them they go wow....ooooo....ahhhhhhhh

I am talking about design nails, something which is very different from the structure and rigidity of a P&W

Design nails are very different and the beauty within them does come from the beholder, there is an element of taste and personnel preference.........but there is something else, a little bit of magic that goes on when you create a design nails and this becomes an important part of developing your nails. 

When your creating a nail what are you thinking of, are your thoughts negative or positive?  Do you worry about what others will think of your nail, this unseen audience, are you hating the colours, critical of the detail...did you know all this negative energy is being absorbed into your design! 

It is said we are made just of energy....if we are then that negative energy is transposed into the items we are creating. Imagine now if that energy was positive and the person looking at the nails could feel it on a sub conscious level. 

This is when your nails will start to sing. 

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