Friday, 28 December 2012

Why does negative comments shout?

Do u know why negative comments always seems so loud, powerful or hurtful?  We might have 5 positive comments but we only hear the one negative one, like it is screaming in our you know why? 

The positive comments are the truth, they are your truth and deep down you know it.  It does not matter how much you deny the fact, your sub conscious knows this to be true. 
But that one negative comment is a lie and your brain and sub conscious is saying Hay that's not right.....that's not true...and instead of listening you allow  your heart and emotions to believe it, and maybe just maybe it might be true...! 

That pit in your stomach, that churn of emotions is actually an inner conflict ....of course it is not your truth! and deep down you know it, that's why it is so uncomfortable.....

So your lesson..... ignore the negative comments it is aomeone' else truth, someone elses insecurities talking.....not yours! You are quite capable of delivering your own negative comment if you choose without listening to others! Instead listen to those positive whispers, the ones drowned out by that one negative comment....because there is a lot of them...listen hard....and then turn the volume up. 

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