Friday, 20 June 2014

So much fun!

Recently we launched a new collection of Bright Pigments, and I have literally been addicted! Using them on everyone. It did occur to me, I have yet to post any useful step by steps, so I thought I will give you some Bright Inspiration right now.

I have created these stripes by adding a small amount of sticky tape over the gel polish, and then patted the pigment as a blend, peeling the tape away is sheer bliss when the pattern is revealed. I was nervous, reapplying the tape over these fresh pigment lines but they did not move…yay! 

As you can see in these steps I have gone over them a few times. Then top coat when your happy. If you want to create the effect I have..use the nail art pen and acrylic paint over the lightly buffed top coat and then simply top coat again. Try this look with the Cut grass, Ocean and sunshine pigment....I have used various combination of this collection aver all the nails. 

I have used a tape which has more give and stretch, it seems to sit better in the creases of the side wall, but if you don't have that, I have had success with cello tape. My suggestion is to triple cure the gel polish to reduce the amount inhibition layer (sticky) 

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