Friday, 27 June 2014

Festival Nails - a step by step

Bright, quick and perfect for the summer. Glastonbury is this weekend why not try this look, they should fit right in.  I just love these steps, using gel polish, black paint and the nail art pen, you can get this look with ease. 

  1. Apply your base colour, this can be a pale pink, white or nude. 
  2. Now pick three bright festival colours and cover nails randomly. Don’t worry if these colours merge and blend into each other, this will give a nice effect and just allow the design to flow in different directions. 
  3. Cure then add white lines between some of the colours this will make the colour pop out, using a long striper is fine…as we are not looking for neatness here. 
  4. Finally top coat the design, wipe and the lightly buff the surface. This is where the fun begins. 
  5. Using the nail art pen dip this into Be Creative black acrylic paint, now draw swirls across the nail, we are looking for a reversed effect, you will then colour in the out side sections leaving the bright carnival colours underneath, this will look like a layer effect. 
  6. When your done simply top coat once again. 
Send us your images we would love to see what colour combinations you come up,and the patterns. visit the be creative Facebook page at 

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