Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Who is poisoning your well

We are all treading a fine line between happy, clappy and full of beans and the dark depressive cloud that looms just beyond the horizon.....everything is fine until that one phone call, the negative comment which is thrown  in your direction, that idiot driver who cuts you up....you tread the tight rope between and light and dark daily and when you are shoved off you could be plunged into one hell of a deep dark pool of black sludge.......

OK OK I know slightly deep and meaningful, and not quite as dramatic maybe for some, but I am talking about most of us, who each day start it with good intentions, we hypothetically draw crystal clear water from our well, and drink from it freely, the sun makes the water sparkle and you know it tastes sooooo good. It nurses you, replenishes your body and makes you strong......then.....someone comes along and poisons that well. They add a little something to your day without really intending to, dripping poison into your water by off loading onto you, Suddenly you find that when you drink your water it it doesn't taste so sweet, there is a bad taste in your mouth and nothing sparkles for the rest of the day.

 If you continue to drink the water you will die, your positive mental attitude will disappear and you will start poisoning other peoples water well.

When this happens to me, this is what I do.

I will receive a phone call  or a client comes through the door and I know the person talking is in pain, they are not in a good place, they are worried and need to off load, the problem is I am walking that tight rope, and I might not be doing so well today either......I have to keep my self protected, so I mentally cap my well it. I stop trying to walk the tight rope, for that moment i stop existing...my issues, concerns, the balance of my life has nothing to do with the situation so I do not bring it to the table. I just sit down  listen to what they have to say, help them if I can, but really they are voicing their own fears and I am not part of this process. I  tell my self over and over again. ...when the conversation starts to affect me, when I can relate or need to action some of the discussion, I then write down the points, but do not dwell,  I do not let any negativity attach itself. Their goal is to feel better, so I use my positive mental attitude to help them, I do not carry their burden for them.

Once the conversation is finished I will take a moment before opening my hypathectical well. I recommend you leave the room, maybe take a little walk out into the sunshine, grab a coffee and even take a moment to hug the dog. But I do not think about the conversation again or do not talk about it for at least 20 minutes. I will then open up my water well, and check it is filled with fresh water, no poison has got in.  I take this moment to watch the water sparkle in my sunshine and then I drink, I make sure  I am in the right place before I look at my little list, I am then in the right place to deal with the negative situation and make the right choices.

Check your self and whom ever your in contact with at all times, if they are set to poison your well, shut it up tight and be there for them, they do not intend you harm they are off loading and you will be able to help them more if you don't join them.

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