Thursday, 26 June 2014

What is your dream?

Over the years I hear a lot of people say I want to be like you, or have a career like yours…but they aren’t telling me what they actually want, what is it that I do that they think they want to do? The reality is that I spend a lot of my time in front of my computer, I travel around the world yes, wonderful but this equates to plenty of alone time in countries that don't speak my language. I teach workshops, best part of my job but that one days training in actuality takes about 5 days planning. There is a lot of parts to my job which is hidden, so what part of my dream do you want to create for your self, this is my question to them.....and then my advice....

My advice to anyone, regardless of what you want to achieve  is to have a clear idea of where you want to focus your attention within the industry, have a plan.  Don’t pick things out of the hat and think that will earn me money.

You need to be flexible in your thinking, along the way you will have battles, hic ups and moments which will down right throw you, but you need to have a clear mind at these moments and remember what it is you're trying to achieve.  My plan was always to be creative, to paint nails and work with colour, I wanted to some how share this learning and educate. 

That is all that motivates me, and when I get an offer or opportunity or  perhaps I am having a rough week when nothing seems to go right…it is remembering  that plan that will re focus my attention to why I am doing this. 

I am not interested in product distribution and sales, so I created a new company with the most amazing business partner who does want to do that.  I like to travel, so I create opportunities to visit other countries and educate there, do you see where it is heading, eventually you will end up with everything you want, but don't forget your dream, re check it and remind your self of it from time to time....make sure your on the right path. And when the  shit hits the fan just dig out your 'dreamnurture it and you will find a small ray of sunshine and hope. 

If your dream is not education, and instead it might be running a salon or a chain of salons, becoming a brand manager, distribution, session tech, head judge, beauty blogger the list is endless.  Write down your hopes and wishes and outline your dream. With every twist and turn in your journey, every fork in the road you have to ask yourself will it take me to my dream. 

There is never any dream or aspiration which can’t be achieved, but you have to believe in your dream and hold on to what inspired that dream in the first place. 

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