Monday, 3 October 2016

Building confidence means understanding how and why...

I really wanted to touch base and explain something to you. The way I teach, the method, the process of application the content is very very very different to any other class you will attend. 

Salon Viable or making trends work shop is one of the most popular workshops I do, and this is why. 

You will walk away with at least 6-8 nails under  your belt, my aim to is leave you with 10 new ideas and designs in just one day. How can I get so many in the class? 


I know your thinking, if there is so many they must be easy, so why bother spending out £95 to attend a workshop learning stuff I already know. 

What I will show you is how to work SMART, how to create jaw dropping designs, intricate twists and turns in your art work and pull together a look which sings like a choir at London opera house. (not sure the equivalent in the USA). 

You will also learn HOW & WHY. 

My philosophy is that if you understand something, you have confidence in it, when you have confidence you build competence. 

How  many times have you tried to learn a design, by looking at the picture or watching a video, but not understand how that petal or nose or wing manages to sit perfectly in proportion, but on your nail it looks like a child's painting.  I am going to explain in detail why every thing you do in my class produces what it produces. From the Aquarelle to the fantasy and yes the salon viable is where we begin. 

Now I am an English girl from the south, that means we Brits hate to tell you we are good at something, or brag about stuff, (a major handicap in my opinion) but hold onto your hats because I am going to do something really brave. 

`I am pretty awesome at my job, that job is not nails, nail art or even marketing, it is education. I can see you and what your doing wrong, I can help you realise your creative potential and I can show you just what you need to take that next step in becoming a 'name' for nail art and design."

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