Monday, 10 October 2016

So much to choose from...

One thing I get asked a lot when someone is booking a workshop is;

How will I know you will cover something I want to learn?

You know when you go into a candy store and you end up walking away with nothing, because there is just too much choice you want it all! 
You end up looking for something you think you want, and ignoring all the other wonderful, mouth smacking, lip licking delights in front of you. 

I am like a candy store!

 I have so much information to share with you, some of it you don't even know you need it yet. 
The best thing on any workshop is to go and learn the TECHNIQUES and APPLICATIONS, not the specific designs. In my courses I will show you HOW to do something. Who cares if it is on a Swan, butterfly or flower....You will learn How to use what I teach you on any picture or design you want. 

That is the secret to Be Inspired.

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