Thursday, 13 October 2016

What others say about you

There are times you read something and just weep. I am for ever humbled in this job of mine and thankful that I can touch people in the way I do. I really wanted to share this email with you from one of my members, who wrote her story about the online course for the website.
"After qualifying in college for my level 2 last year, I was so nervous, being on your own, after the year at college you always had a back up from my tutors, Natasha Carpenter and Danni Hibell, its a scary realisation that I had to do it alone.
I eventually took to social media, looking at all the amazing nail art available, and structures, its over whelming, the amount of talent, and skill of other nail techs, it soon dawned on me, how little I actually new, which for a new tech is not a nice feeling, all I wanted was to be able to create these amazing nails, and I knew I could never do something like that.
I was talking to an amazing friend, who is also a nail tech, Anthea Thomas, and she told me to give Sam Biddle's online lesson's a look. OMG seriously, I have never looked back since! Other than to see how far I have come. The confidence this amazing lady Sam Biddle gave me, just by talking to me like another person, in the comfort of your own home. She made it easy to learn, breaking down all her lessons into bite size pieces of information, then laying all those pieces onto a nail. It was like pure emotion for me, my 1st proper nail art piece and I was so proud of it. It made me cry, knowing I could achieve something so beautiful, and the best thing about it, was that I done it all myself. Sam's course not only teaches you about art, colours shading, and letting your imagination free, she helps you understand how to trust your instinct, I was very passionate about nail art and structures before but now there is no stopping me.
The amount of hours of training and love, that goes into every individual nail lesson she provides in the course, Sam has given me a stronger understanding, about being a nail tech teacher, and the journey they have been on to get this far and to be so talented It has given me so much respect, for Sam Biddle and other tutors and teachers in the industry.
Being a nail tech isn't just a job, it's a passion, and you do not get this kind of support, confidence, passion, from watching demos on social media. Online Sam has created a loving family environment, and encourages everybody to be themselves, and love their own individuality.
I have now finished my level 3 in college and just started Year 2 on Sam's online course, for me her support and knowledge, from the very start has been invaluable, and getting to meet Sam herself on her course held in Cornwall, was like meeting a famous star. She has been such an inspiration and idol for me, from leaving college up to now, it has given me the confidence to take constructive critique, and turn it into something beautiful and I have the up most respect for Sam Biddle and other teachers in this industry. Such a tough job to do, so thank you Sam for helping me become, truly inspired and allowing my imagination to be my friend and not my enemy."
Sarah Zinnotti

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