Wednesday, 5 October 2016

there is an air lock in your brain.....

So you have your design idea and your all set up, you have collected the inspiration, paints and brushes ready! 

OH NO...... it is just not flowing as planned. Isn't It is the most frustrating feeling in the world. You have the idea in your head, you know just what you want your nail to look like but nothing is flowing, nothing is working right. 

What do you do, throw your brush down in a tantrum and leave it, never to return to this idea at all. Do you beat your self up and persevere until you have something that look vaguely like the plan in your head,  and then throwing it in the 'nail art disaster draw', so it can live in the back in disgrace. 

When you come to your nail design and find your fingers are just not doing what your brain can see, then you need to take a step back. Grab your self a nail tip and apply just one element of your design, practice it over and over again, this tip you can throw away I give you permission. 

Having a fall back tip will go along way to getting you warmed up. Imagine you wanted a glass of water, and put the glass under the tap. But didn't turn the tap on. Your glass is not filling up at all right. But you have started the journey towards ending your thirst by placing the glass under the tap. 

Imagine you have a nail idea but never sit down and do it, your idea will never be realised. So now you switch the tap on but there is an air lock and the water goes everywhere, but it still does not fill up your glass. Starting a new nail design is like an air lock, you have all the pressure or in your case the ideas in your head, but your hands don't understand it. 

In order to fill the glass with water you need a steady flow from the tap, the same applies with creativity. You want to have a steady flow of creativity flowing from your head to your fingers. Get the air lock out of the way with little practice on an old nail tip and eventually your brain will calm down and you will have the muscle control to do what you know you can.

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