Saturday, 1 October 2016

Can you believe a Bottle of perfume can give you a life lesson?

I have had so many adventures looking for this illusive perfume, mainly when I visit the states. I have given up looking any where else.  It is this bottle of perfume which has taught me one of my most valuable lessons, not just in life but in my art work too. 

I believe determination is key to getting what you want, but when your too busy looking for it, you waste so much effort and energy trying to achieve something which ends up being right under your nose all the time. 

Let me explain myself. I walked for miles looking for this bottle of sweet heaven on one of my trips.  Up the Las Vegas Strip, I dragged my friend into every mall and store, sure I could find it.   I was exhausted and after 3 hours searching every where,  I came back to the Paris hotel, and thought "one last look in the hotel perfume shop and then I am going to bed to sulk" 

There is was! Can you believe it. Not only that but they also had an after shave my husband loves too, which is also not available in Europe. 


What was the lesson?  Don't over complicate stuff, the obvious solutions and answers to what you need are generally there right in front of you. You see I walked past that perfume shop on the way out, and my friend said, "shall we look in here first" NO I said, it will definitely not be in there. 

Yeah I am ashamed to say it, I really did say that.

The answer you need to change your business, propel your nail art career or ignite that passion for design, IS ALWAYS JUST THERE IN YOUR REACH.  Don't think that because it is easy, it is not right, don't think that you should walk for miles until your feet bleed to get what you want. Life is not like that, business is not like that. 

Don't make the same mistake I did and miss something right under my nose because it seemed to easy. Look around you right now, ask for what you need, and hay presto, the answer, solution or item will be there! 

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