Friday, 4 July 2014


Last year we had an abundance of nail art and expected a down turn to the popularity of this self expression in 2014. Looking at  Pinterest, We Heart it and Instagram awash with images of nails in the media, on celebrities and  ‘nail selfies’,  it seems we are in luck this year as the nails are still set to be #trending. 
The trending nail fashions right now vary from a nude with minimal fuss and artistic flair, to the brights and golds. But hey. Don't let that stop you filling those finger tips with what ever takes your fancy. 


From simple slivers of colour on nude nails (as a nudge in the direction of a french manicure) and the half moon manicure are still around, each year we see a variation; using colour, eliminating colour or adding texture and sparkle in the luna. But a simple white half moon on a nude base is another great look seen on New York fashion week for spring 2014. 


Embellishment is the new black for 2014, with more elaborate designs and adornments, from skulls, Swarovski covered hello kitty faces, bows, bows and more bows, and lest we forget crowns and tiaras. Watch this space as we take texture to the next level. 


As a direct contrast to the above Minimalist chic is what we can except from this years nail art, taking the nail art pen and drawing horizontal line straight down the middle of a block colour, adding optical illusions to the nail with shapes and angles. Working with black and white and separating the designs with block colour. 


Subtle ombre blends and fades, using two shades of the same colour is another re worked look to suit this seasons colours and set the trend. Adding a fine glitter and shimmer as a subtle go to for a evening out is in high demand.

Adding a metallic effect with silver foil over the tips of the nails, over a shimmer nude or pink gives you a less tacky look.


The battle between high gloss, sheer nails and Matte still rages and I think there is still fuel in nail art looks that are rocking the Matte effect. Yet it seems a collaboration between the two have formed and working a look using both shows us a great effect. 
A clever look is to add shimmer to a dark colour and then finish with a Matt top coat, creating depth and dimensions. 

Colours are far from understated, bright, bold and a 'hey look at me' attitude. Pastel's have grown up and become muted natural shades and if your looking for nails to work with those clean white fabrics then dark nails will do it; forest greens, blacks and rich blues are a perfect companion, as long as they are perfect and chip free. 
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