Saturday, 26 July 2014

Guess what! Did you know? OMG…….. Gossip!

These are not just what we think of the NEW Be Creative Pigment collection, these are the names which sum up these mesmerising pigments perfectly. 

These pigments literally move with the light. Tiny particles of pigments which reflect the light, gives us the thinest possible glitter effect. Applied like you would pigments, this sits beautiful within your design nails, on  top of gel polish or in nail art to lift it. With no bulk! 

This collection will turn heads, stop you in your tracks and be just plain distracting. Worn over a dark colour or paler shades, the looks are endless and possibilities, limitless. 

The most frustrating thing about this pigment collection is that you have to see it to believe it. I cannot take a photo which will do this pigment justice…the nails literally move under the sun light. We brought this unique collection to you now, because we wanted to take advantage of the mesmerising effects they have on fingers and toes.  

Sparkle has a whole new meaning with the party pigments, they are thin, and ‘affect’ the nail colours beneath it; bringing it to life. These nails are set to rock your world and combine them with your favourite polish you can breath new life into tired nails. either tap or sprinkle the glitter of the nails randomly so they stick to the wet polish or inhibition layer of your gel polish, use a dry brush to lightly press it for a more dense coverage and bigger impact. of add small amounts with a smaller size 0 detail brush. 
This glitter pigment collection is fine enough to be able to scratch into the coverage and show off the colour under neath. creating another quick design option suitable for the salon and your clients.

Don’t stop there, brighten up the ‘brights’ and add a little extra sparkle to your chameleons with this collection. Either mix together the two powders or apply directly to the nail. 

Have you wanted to add glitter to nail art, but had to layer on the top coat to achieve a smooth surface and then you end up loosing all your hard work and fine detail in the design. The glitter in this collection will let you jazz up, and make you nail art shout out…without adding bulk. 

The inspiration behind the collection!

This is a holographic gold glitter, finer than sand, this is the only glitter which you can apply and it will sit flat. used with ‘Guess what’ or ‘OMG’ you can custom make your look so it is different every time. no pre mixing, just pick up a try brush and gently tap the glitter so it falls into the wet inhibition layer. 

seriously silver this glitter will have you saying ‘Oh My Gawd!' every time you look at it. My favourite this is another holographic glitter that is so fine it will add not thickness to your nail application. 

Guess What!
A secret weapon, this is a green gold glitter pigment. applied over a dark colour it will give you a green shade with a fine gold accent. but when you use it over a nude, white or paler colours you will benefit form a subtle gold glitter. 

This is a blue pigment, similar to the chameleon, when applied over a darker shade you benefit from an intense blue which is enhanced by the blue glitter particles, so fine they add little bull to your nail application. 

because you will love using this Lilac pigment, applied over a dark colour you will get a more intense pink, but this is the most beautiful glitter pigment over a white or light colour. the glitter in it simply dances of your finger tips like tiny fairies. 

Did you know? 
We have been asked for black, and now we have it, with a little extra. a fine semi opaque pigment this black is laces with a fine sliver of silver. as the black pigment sits over a dark colour you will find it adds a different dimension to the colour, but the application of this pigments over the primary is so easy. the finer particles means you can work it over the lightest colour and it will create a perfect Ombre. 

right now this is a collection thats hot! get yours today here. 

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