Thursday, 17 July 2014

The empty pickle jar.

I have just got back from my 7 day holiday in a log cabin in a forest not far from my home and had some time to ponder and think about what is coming up for Jealous Cow and the Be Creative team. 

Feet up, hot tub surfing and a little glass of pink or three, (check out my holiday snaps) and I have come to the conclusion....I need another holiday!  Don't we all? I count my blessings, this is the first break I have had in 2 years and the holiday before that was 12 years ago....seriously need to re-assess my priorities. I watched this cool film on you tube the other day, I had read it before, and thinking about it i am sure i have written a blog post about it too, but the film summed it up perfectly, and I thought I would  share it with you as well. 


I have said it before and will say it again, the advantages of todays technology, and accessibility and access people have to you and your business is amazing, and very handy, but it does put a strain on the person running the business and the individual trying to make it work. The larger companies and organisations have an infer structure and a closing time in place, because they are not at a point of growth, they have established their business network and move forward from there..  But for us trying to grow a new or small business, maintain customer service, and come up with innovative solutions to common problems well it is just darn hard to switch off and say its closing time.  Yes I am talking about my own business but this relates to the nail techs, even if your mobile, in a salon or working from home, there is a fine balance between being available 24/7 and enjoying the down time. 

Those 'to do' lists will never be complete, the requests will never end and the feeling of not doing enough, well quite frankly that is because your a mother, wife and daughter (if your a man and reading this, wow thanks for joining, and it applies to you as well, except the wife and mother bit) 

I battle daily with the guilt of not getting things done, with the constant voice in my head telling me I have failed, and then saying eat a cake! ???????? yeah I know....what can I say that is another post entirely. 

What I am trying to say is if it doesn't get done it doesn't get done, that person asking to have her nail fixed at 11.30pm or a certain someone requesting you organise an event 2 miles down the road from one that has been arranged, stands alone in a crowd of others, all trying to fight the same battles as you. The one person wanting you to do something away from what you should be focusing on, needs to be popped on hold and wait in line.  We hear this little voice in our heads tell us  it will only take a moment....... then we spend a lot of our time and energy pandering to the problem or new direction...instead we should just say NO.  Like the voice in my head which tells me to eat cake.....that cake is not a quick fix it will spiral me down a path of regret, stress and more work trying to get rid of the extra lbs. Just say NO, I can't do that right now, but I shall pop it on the list.

So nail warriors go forth armed with the knowledge that you are doing enough, that you can only do what you can in the hours you have set aside for that particular role, spend time with your family, and don't feel guilty, go and make those yummy apricot and pecan nut power bars with the freedom you have done enough (yes that is on my job list for today), and enjoy a few hours to yourself....because you have earn it and deserve it. 

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