Friday, 18 July 2014

K.I.S.S the nail.....

We see these wonderful creations on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest  and think yeah I can do those, or we might look at them and weep at the complicated design and think I could never achieve that. We are artists, designers and creators of all things beautiful, and of course we are professional self doubters.

The question is not I can't do this, it should be, 'how can I create a nail design for my client which is one step ahead of my competition and does take any more of my time. How can I make money providing nail art?' 

There are three simple steps to making designs work for you, to help you turn a profit and stop the ever growing head ache of finding new and inspirational looks to stay ahead of the game. 

1. K.I.S.S - Keep it Simple Sexy. Seriously too many times we over complicate the process or design because we think it is not enough or too easy. Step back, look at the clock...tic tic tic toc every second is costing you money. So simple dots, and swipe of the nail art pen and viola your client will stare at you in wonder, and post her nailagram pics instantly with pride. The complicated stuff can happen in your own time, when your relaxed and confident you have earn your pennies. 

2. DUPLICATE - did you know the same design can be done 10 times over and look completely different every time. Use three shades of the same colour on your design, now do it again with 3 shades of a different colour; pinks, blues, greens, greys....(wink wink). Now line them all up in a row, pop a little ticket saying with the price, and your customer just needs to choose the colour she prefers.

3. NEVER APOLOGISE FOR THE PRICE - so we have a design, which might actually take us about 10 extra minutes on our service, (if you used the be creative pigments, you could slash this service time by a third...just saying), Now your thinking half way through the treatment, I need to charge her an extra £5.00 or £10 for 10 mins work.......! Your training, the time it has taken to come up with the design and the exclusivity of you and you alone being able to offer it is what they are paying for, yes you could pop a few gems on and create a fade with pigments in your sleep, but she is happy enough to pay for that little bit extra. Wouldn't you?????? 

There is one other thing you can do to, arm your self with a fist full of deigns, quick, simple and very effective, these will wow your clients and have them comping back for more. 
Are you in Dorset? This Monday we have a class for all your Dorset techs.....inspired designs which will turn you a tidy profit, a day guaranteed to help you and your business grow. 
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