Sunday, 27 July 2014

How you going to do it…?

We all want to be successful don't we? I have yet to hear of anyone say I dream of being homeless and eating scraps. We all dream of a better brighter future, maybe more money, more fame, more recognition….oh the list could go on.  Seriously ask your self, are they just dreams, wishes and hopes or are you prepared to do something about it?

I hear the same complaints come out of my own mouth as they do from others…"I don't have enough money", "I have no time", "My house is falling apart"" I wish I could get a better car"  "I need a better brush" 'I wish I could go on that workshop and learn those skills it would improve my business".  Come on tell me that at least one or more of those statement doesn't resonate with you.

Over the past few months I have had to look at what and why I am doing the things I am doing, what is working, what is not and more importantly what I can do to make my own dreams come true.
One thing I have to look at is where I can make short term sacrifices to achieve my long term goals…..!
Ok ok... I am trying not to delve into the whole self help speak…but basically without the cliche…..
What am I prepared to give up… gain a few more hours, to spend more time on a new project or new learning... "what am I prepared to give up to afford that course which looks like it will give me some techniques in the salon and on my clients…make me more money and allow me to go on more workshops!" "What am I going to give up to afford that brand new brush I saw advertised."
So what are you going to give up……? 
When I came to make my list of three things,  I did have to scratch my head…..I am so busy being busy I was not sure I had anything left to give up.  That said…I did manage to find areas I could change and put into practise last week! What a difference….!

Here are my sacrifices...

1. I got up earlier….I already get up early and work out every morning. I changed my routine and have moved over to a more intensive and shorter workout…..ouch! But it saves me 30 mins in the morning and by 6.30am I am finished and in the office with my protein shake. Breakfast is no longer a long protracted affair, before I would work out at 6, finish at 7….shake and cool down…shower and then office by 8.30!  By 8.30am (when I normally get to the office) I have completed an hour on my own education and checked my emails and Facebook messages. I then take 30 mins out to shower, change grab a coffee and I can get started on my project list with a clear mind.

2. I made more calls and did things as soon as they came up…..this reduced my to do list by half.  I hate calling people and would rather email or message them to get the answers. It is not a case of not wanting to chat…but in my mind I thought I would take too much time……nope! they are just as busy and keen to get of the phone as I am! In stead of adding to the list which had become a massive cloud of doom, it did not task too many of my grey cells in the process either,  I think I saved time not having to  look at my list and wondering what I meant when I logged the task...checking the emails to clarify and then make the call or reply. I didn't just call, I emailed and messaged on the go too….this meant for most of the time I managed to hold a conversation with someone and still requested changes on the website to be completed, ordered materials and even booked a hotel. lol

3. Spending money is not something I 'love' to do…who does? But I do know the difference in spending and investing which are too different things. I wanted to go on a great business seminar, which would cost me £197 ….ok not a massive amount in the grand scheme of things and I was able to afford it…but the thought that that money could be spent on stock or materials, advertising and so forth, was always in the back of my mind.  I needed to invest and improve my learning in order to grow and be more successful and make more money. So my sacrifice… out less! We used to save time and eat out at least 4 or 5 times a week, lunch, breakfast or dinner, which costs a lot!!!!  This did mean more time in the kitchen, but that hour at the end of the day is quite therapeutic and it give me a chance to switch off and reboot. I found that the kids and John would help out as well, and it turned into family time.  Bonus!

Don't get me wrong…it is not easy, and waking up at 5.45 is tough…but it is ultimately a small sacrifice to achieve the things I want to….

My results last week; well I can not believe how much more I achieved, I felt more energised and earn more in the process!

I would love to know what 3 things you can sacrifice to achieve your long term goals and dreams…..if you have yet to set your goals and dreams…well now is the time.  Give yourself a reason for waking each day.

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