Thursday, 17 July 2014

Want some free training?

a few months ago now..... we launched our Be Creative roadshow, the main aim for us was to give people an opportunity to attend a central location and learn something new they could take away with them and use in the salon the next day, to find our more about our amazing products and meet myself and my team of very talented artisans. 

Well....this proved a lot harder than we thought..... seems providing a free days worth of education, demonstrations and practical sessions doesn't mean people will come. The previous roadshows have been a success, but we still get requests to visit areas not on the list, I need to mention putting an event on like this might be FREE to those attending but it is not for us, the time and effort not to mention the cost to arrange it is ridiculous and not something we take on board lightly. 
I apologise from the bottom of my heart that we have not been able to visit your area, and I hope if we are supported we can in the future. The invitation is open to join us in London this Sunday we would love to see you there.....please come and take advantage of the many things we have to share with you....for free. 

Let me tell you more about whats on offer on Sunday....

Visit with our Artisans and watch some demo's, I will also be there creating some nails using the Be Creative range. We have a try me table - this is where you can get your hands on the products, and have a little one to one personnel tuition with the artisans.  of course there will be a little shop,  original sugar and their Mani cam, so strut your nail stuff down the 'original' and first Mani cat walk....

The whole day will be a lot of fun, full of information and inspiration......and so much much.

and the best bit 
Yep seriously we are not charging you a penny, we want to share with you our products, give you the insight to how the nail art pen works and let you see how amazing the pigments are...

We know sometimes you just can't make it to  class or even afford one, this is our way of making it happen. We are not planning to attend the bigger shows this year, so we have put on a roadshow around the country to give you a taste of just how amazing this range is, and how talented our artisans are. 

Please come and visit us, this is an open innovation , Can't get fairer than that! I look forward to seeing you there. F
or more information visit THIS LINK , don't worry about parting with your pennies for a refundable ticket, just pop along and have some fun. 

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