Friday, 10 January 2014

5 min interview for Scratch

Last October I was interviewed my Scratch for the on line publication; this is what I said.

What drives you to be the best nail artist you can be?page1image3752 page1image3912
The competition drives me, I am very aware that there are amazing nail techs out there doing awesome work, and I wouldn’t even dream to compare to them, but I do try and develop my own style and every design I do, i have in the back of my mind, can i teach this?
Where does your inspiration come from when creative new nail art ideas/products?
The industry is my main source of inspiration, but i am also very aware of the mood and the colours that surround me. I look at what is out there and available right now, and think how can this be improved, what would make my life easier as a nail tech and nail educator.
What did it feel like to win a Scratch Star as Industry Innovator for your company Jealous Cow LTD (Be Creative)?
Wow.....this is a fabulous feeling, I wanted it really badly, and didn't think it could happen. We are new to the industry as a whole as a brand, so when be creative won industry innovator, it felt perfect, because that title is precisely what we want to be, industry innovators.
What do you do in your spare time to relax?
I don’t have much spare time right now, but when I do I love spending time with my family, but as they grow up, I enjoy going out with John my husband, finding nice places to eat or walk with the dog. I like to work out and swim, but most of all sitting and chatting with my family is the best down time i can ask for.
What is your ultimate goal in the nail world?
No this is a question I am not sure of, I have never had a plan, and always gone with the flow, sometimes when I take a moment to turn around and look at where I have come from I am amazed a the twists and turns in my journey. As for where i am heading, I would like to spend more time developing, and seeing nail professionals use my products to do amazing things. 

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